Fabric_Garden_Basket_DIYAll this week we have been sharing our DIY felt vegetable garden and felt veggie tutorial for the sweet little tomato vine. If you haven’t caught it so far then pop back to earlier posts for a look. Today I am going to share the tutorial for the cute DIY fabric vegetable basket that your kiddos can use to harvest their felt veggies. In my favorite palette of teal, coral and grey this basket is just the cutest. Made using a tough interiors fabric this is a simple pattern to follow and produces a soft, flat bottomed basket with a buttoned strap and collapsible sides. We wanted to keep our basket super soft for the kiddos but it can be stiffened by adding iron-on fusible interfacing to the inside of your fabric before you sew. Download the PDF pattern below and follow the step-by-step tutorial below to make your own fabric vegetable basket to add the perfect finishing touch to your felt veggie garden. Check back tomorrow for our final post which will reveal how we made the craft stick garden signs and printable crate sign. If you make your own felt vegetable garden we would love to see your work. Share it with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #liagriffith. Enjoy! ~ Lia