Paper_Crown_Fairy_SVGYes, my baby girl turned 21 a few weeks ago! When we were planning her big birthday celebration, she reminded me that she would need a crown. (I guess this is the new tradition for 21st birthdays here in the U.S.?) She stated that she didn’t want a princess crown (like this gorgeous one), but she would need a fairy crown. But of course! My little Hufflepuff was much more inclined to read Lord of the Rings in grade school rather than dream of being saved by a white knight. So a fairy crown it would be.

Being the self proclaimed “Queen of Paper” I knew this little crown would be made with my cutting machine, so within a few minutes, whipping together a design of flowers and leaves, a fairy crown was formed. This pretty design is inspired by floral sprigs and foliage with a little Elven influence thrown in for good measure. I made a silver one for Emily using glitter card stock and, as I had some glitter gold in my craft stash, I made a second one for myself – after all it has been 21 years of momhood! Here are photos of both of us at the end of the Mini Cheesecake post.

Using a cutting machine, these are quick to whip up, but if you have the time and inclination you can, of course, cut by hand – download the PDF below for the template then use an exacto knife to cut the detail or the the SVG file for your machine. We made these in three parts then glued it together using the flower in the center as the connector. The sprig shapes means that you can attach it at the back by linking the sprigs into one another.

Though I did not make it to the end of her celebration, she proudly reported that the paper crown made it until 2am when she turned into a pumpkin. Or would that be until her little fairy wings took her off to dreamland? Yes, that is it. So a perfect crown for any age. How fun would it be to make a set for every little girl at a child’s birthday party? Or maybe for the birthday girl’s 30th, 40th, 50th. . . and so on. I also used one of my prototype crowns to decorate the cake stand that held my 21 mini cheese cake display. The options are endless. Enjoy! ~ Lia  

Crown_DIY_Fairy_Party DIY_Fairy_Crowns_Paper_sidebyside DIY_Paper_Fairy_Crowns Fairy_Crown_DIY_Paper Paper_DIY_Fairy_Crown