Felt_Easter_Bunny_Lamb_EarsThis DIY felt Easter bunny and lamb ears are so quick and easy to make that you could quickly put them together on Easter morning and have your kiddos hopping around in character all day. All you need is a few thin headbands, some felt (we picked some of our favorite colors from our shop), a little craft wire, and your fabric glue.

You will find the pattern below, which can be printed onto regular printer paper and then trimmed to make your templates. Have the kids draw around them onto the felt, and then carefully cut them out with your fabric scissors.

Pop the pink inner ears on top of the bunny and lamb ear shapes, then fold them over your headbands. If you would like to be able to bend your bunny ears, remember to place a length of craft wire along the center of the grey ears before you fold them around your headband and glue them together. Simple, fun, and ridiculously cute! Enjoy!

DIY_Bunny_Lamb_Easter_Ears Easter_Ears_DIY_Felt Felt_Easter_Lamb_Ears_DIY