Veggie_Garden_Made_From_FeltWe have been in bits over how cute this DIY kid’s project is. In the last few weeks our illustrator Krista made the patterns and craft maker Jessica has been sitting in the garden stitching together this super adorable felt veggie garden. Friday, I made the “dirt” pouches and fabric basket to finish the look and we invited two sisters, Eva and Maja to come over and take our new DIY toy out for a spin. They were completely delighted as you can see they paid no attention to me and my camera snapping photos. . . and truthfully. . . we are utterly in love with this little creation.

This is a slightly bigger project that takes a bit of time and effort but is a great one to make while you’re enjoying your own garden or watching your favorite evening show. This is also a great project for the kiddos if you want to teach your child to sew – it’s a super fun project for them to work on and will be a great toy for them to play with once it’s completed – what an achievement!

Once each piece of felt has been cut it’s really just a matter of hand sewing the fronts and backs together with a cute blanket stitch then filling them with fiber batting. We have added a few extra details here and there like the sponge paint on a few radishes and the embroidery thread roots on the beets and radishes. All of this will be in our upcoming tutorials. We found the gorgeous wool blend felt at Fabric Depot and at Benzie Design. Part of the charm is the mix of veggie colors and variety of greens. The cute wooden crate to hold the garden was found at Michaels and we added a pretty “Lucy’s Garden” plaque to the front to show how you can personalize the garden. Our crate  measures H 7.5″ x L 15 1/4″ x D 11″.

Be sure to check back every day this week for the templates and tutorials to make your own veggies, tomato plant, burlap dirt, garden signs and the fabric basket. If you are inspired to make your own felt veggie garden please do snap some pics and share them with me across Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the #LiasFridayFeatures hashtag – I love to see your makes! Enjoy! ~ Lia

Felt_Vegetabpe_Garden_For_Kids_DIY DIY_Felt_Garden Children's_Felt_Vegetable_Garden Felt_Tomato_Plants_DIY Kids_Felt_Garden_Basket Garden_Box_Felt_Veggies_Diy Felt_Vegetable_Garden_DIY