As I was getting ready to photograph this garland, my Italian Doxi, Enzo decided he wanted to be in the shot. It took just a few moments for his pal Sophie to join him. Aren’t they just the cutest pair? I got so caught up in photographing them that all of a sudden the light was gone and I was unable to shoot the bat garland without the dog props. Haha. However, you can see what a great photo backdrop the garland does makes.

We are pondering if we should make dog costumes for Halloween. What do you think? Do you have a great costume idea for a doxi/italian greyhound and a pug/boxer? Maybe Yoda and Vader, a house elf, a gargoyle, an Italian race car driver, Bonnie and Clyde. . . but I am guessing you have a better idea. Cheers! ~ Lia