Hello Kitty

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  1. Gather the tools and materials listed above.
  2. For the polka dot bow tie: Cut the dot pattern on yellow iron-on using a cutting machine and weed out the design. Iron onto orange-red felt following the  product instructions.
  3. Cut out the felt according to the pattern.
  4. Whip stitch on the eyes, followed by the pupil,s using a single strand of matching embroidery floss (see embroidery guide).
  5. Next, whip stitch on both inner ears using a single strand of matching floss.
  6. Glue on the orange nose. Straight stitch on a mouth (just under the nose) using three strands of gray floss.
  7. Straight stitch the fur details onto the head and chest with three strands of gray floss.
  8. Sew on six long straight stitches in three strands of white floss for the whiskers.
  9. Pin the two body pieces together and begin to blanket stitch the pieces together, starting from the bottom, using three strands of black floss.
  10. Stuff the ears and head after stitching around the head. Stuff the entire body before closing at the bottom.
  11. Blanket stitch and stuff the legs and tail together in the same way. Use a chopstick to help stuff these smaller pieces.
  12. Then glue or sew on the bottom feet under the body — we used a combination of both. Then, attach the front legs so that the cat can sit up.
  13. Finally, glue or sew the tail onto the back.
  14. To make the bow tie, glue the ends of the loops onto the back center. Glue the small strip around the cover. Glue the bow onto to the cat and you’re done!

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