We love it when something that looks intricate or complex is actually really easy to make! That is our goal with every DIY project — to make it simpler and more fun for you to craft. Our himmeli wreath is 17″ when finished, and all you need to make this gorgeous wreath are some brass tubes, craft wire, and needle-nose pliers/wire cutters. 

Ready to get started? See our tools and materials list below, then watch our video tutorial.

handmade brass himmeli wreath

Hang your himmeli high

If you haven’t heard the word himmeli before, it is a traditional Finnish decoration made out of straw that hangs above a dining table from Christmas to the middle of summer. The tradition is that your himmeli would bring a good harvest for the new year. And the more elaborate the design, the larger your harvest would be. Today, however, this decoration has become more modern and is used as year-round home decor!

One thing I love about this himmeli wreath is how visually stunning it is. Once you have made your wreath, you can choose to hang it on a wall or use it as a centerpiece. For inspiration, you can see in our photos how we styled our himmeli wreath as a centerpiece with some candles and paper succulents

Crafting tip: When hanging your himmeli wreath on the wall you will need to use two hanging points to keep the wreath straight. Use pliers to push the wire ends into a tube to conceal.



diy himmeli wreath centerpiece
himmeli wreath with paper succulents and candles
DIY table centerpiece
handmade himmeli wreath

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