Indigo_Shibori_Kitchen_Hand_Dyed_Tea_TowelsThe trend of Shibori indigo dye is crazy right now and I have to say, I am inspired. Today, I am sharing another set of textiles that I made with the deep blue dye. These tea towels are made using a natural unbleached cotton towels similar to white waffle weave fabric, dyed at home using various DIY shibori techniques. There are lots of great DIY Indigo dye kits on the market; we used one from Jaquard. It has easy to follow instructions which are ideal for those who are new to dyeing.

Create geometric grid patterns by folding the tea towel into squares then securing small wooden blocks to either side with elastic bands before you dip the edges into the dye. The circular pattern was created by bunching parts of the tea towel in my hand and securing it once again with elastic bands. The flow of dye is restricted to those parts, resulting in these beautiful shapes and patterns. I found lots of great techniques explained online¬†but feel that really being playful and experimental with the way you tie your fabric is the best way to get results. Dipping your dye for longer¬†will result in a deeper shade of indigo, so play around with shades and tones by varying the length of time that you soak your fabric. You can use this to your advantage to create an ombre effect like I did on one of my indigo tote bags. As always, I encourage you to ignite your creativity and have fun! If you have an indigo dyed project that you would like to share with me, I’d love to see it! Post it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #liagriffith – see you there! ~ Lia

Indigo_Kitchen_Tea_Towels_Shibori_Hand_Dyed_Kitchen Kitchen_Indigo_Tea_Towel_Shibori_Hand_Dye Indigo_Hand_Dyed_Shibori_Tea_Towels_Kitchen Tea_Towels_Kitchen_Indigo_Shibori_Hand_Dyed Shibori_Hand_Dye_Indigo_Tea_Towels_Kitchen