Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy 

We’ve been on a citrus kick in the studio lately and we want you to join in on the fun with us! This DIY lemon garland is a great way to explore using a pom pom maker for easy home or party decor, and it is safe and easy enough for even your little ones to craft. The color palette for our garland may be fit for a summer celebration, but the cozy combination of yarn and felt is perfect for wintertime. 




  1. Gather tools and materials listed above.
  2. Make as many yellow lemon pom poms as you would like for your garland. 
  3. Trim pom poms into even circles, leaving two long tails of yarn.
  4. Print the PDF template and use each shape as a guide for cutting your felt pieces. 
  5. Glue the tab of the blossom to form a cone shape and bring the petals together.
  6. Double up your embroidery floss and tie a knot at the end.
  7. Glue the knot inside the flower, then trim the ends of the floss.
  8. Glue flowers and leaves to the top of the pom poms, bear the long yarn tails.
  9. Cut a piece of yarn the length of your completed garland. Tie each pom pom onto the long strand. 


There are many different types of yarn, but we just used some basic acrylic yarn for this project, which you will find at any local craft or fabric store. Our favorite felt sources are Benzie Design, Felt on the Fly and A Child’s Dream Come True. If this is your first time crafting yarn pom poms, follow our easy pom pom tutorial for a visual guide. Pom pom makers come in a number of sizes, and we used Small for our lemon garland. We love the bright yellow color, or you can add some variety to your garland by making some pom pom oranges as well. Once you finish your project, you can use it as a pretty centerpiece display strewn across your table like a burst of sunshine. This garland would also be adorable for nursery or baby shower decor. It’s all up to you! 

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Yarn Lemon Garland Pom Pom Lemons