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This diy macrame and yarn wall hanging is absolutely gorgeous. We love the intricacies of its woven design and how impressive it looks proudly displayed on your wall. This project may look intimidating but it’s actually super simple. Just follow along with our steps below to become a macrame whizz.

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  1. Gather the tools and materials.
  2. Cut 27 10ft pieces of rope and 22 4ft pieces of yarn using the scissors. Cut the copper tubing to measure 18in using the saw.
  3. String a 4ft piece of rope through the tube and tie for hanging, fold a single rope in half and create a larks head knot around the copper tube.
  4. Repeat making a larks head knot with all 27 ropes, pull them tight and push them close together centered on the copper tube.
  5. Take the left center rope(knot-bearing rope), use a tack to hold it in place 3 inches down, pull it diagonal down to the left and tack it in place.
  6. Begin tying a diagonal half hitch knot on the knot-bearing rope from right to left on the diagonal.
  7. Continue tying the diagonal half hitch knot using all the ropes to the left of center.
  8. Take the right center rope and loop it around the left center rope used for the half hitch knot on the left. This will be the new knot-bearing rope.
  9. Take the knot bearing rope diagonal across and over all of the ropes to its right, then tack it into place level with the knots to the left.
  10. Repeat the diagonal half hitch knot from left to right using all ropes to the right of center.
  11. Take the right center rope and loop the left center rope around it once, pull the right center rope to the left as a knot-bearing rope.
  12. Tie a diagonal half hitch knot to the left pulling it snug against the knots above, repeat on the right with left center rope as knot-bearing rope.
  13. Space the next grouping of knots 3 inches bellow the first, leave the two outside ropes on either side out of this group of knots .
  14. Repeat steps 5-12 tying 3 layers of half hitch knots in the same pattern, refer to step 13 for placement.
  15. Take the knot-bearing rope from the bottom of the three half hitch knots, continue using it as the knot-bearing rope.
  16. Tack it diagonal angled down, then tie half hitched knots to the center rope and repeat on the other side so they meet in the middle.
  17. Repeat step 15-16 to complete 2 more rows of half hitched knots, use the 2 outer ropes left out as knot-bearing ropes for the last grouping of 2.
  18. Take the center rope and pull it over the other ropes and tack it into place.
  19. Tie a larks head knot over the tacked rope with the yarn.
  20. Repeat with half of the yarn pieces, then tie the end of the rope to the outside of the last half hitched knot. Repeat on the opposite side.
  21. Trim the long ropes on the backside of the macrame short.
  22. Trim the ends of the yarn into a “V” shape.
  23. Wrap the yarn around each piece of rope just above the first grouping of knots.
  24. Tie o the ends of the yarn on the backside of the hanging.

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