Once you have your tools and materials ready to go, you can either use the printable pattern if cutting by hand or the SVG file for your cutting machine. Both of these patterns are available to download over on the PaperPapers blog.

After downloading the pattern you need, the paper dendrobium orchids are quite simple to make using 20-gauge wire and floral tape. We have written out instructions for you, or you can follow the photo tutorial for more guidance. Because this flower grows naturally on trees and tree branches, you could also try gluing your blooms on actual branches for a more realistic look. Otherwise, just follow our instructions for how to create your own stems!

Stay tuned for a version of this flower where we will make a full potted orchid plant to decorate your home. And if you love orchids and want to make more varieties, make sure to browse all of our DIY orchid designs. Enjoy! ~ Lia and team

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How to Make Paper Dendrobium Orchids

  1. Gather the craft tools and materials above. Then download our flower pattern (over on PaperPapers’ blog).
  2. Cut out your petals according to the pattern, using your scissors or cutting machine.
  3. Cross and glue tails of the two sets of three petals to form cups.
  4. Glue three petals onto floral wire and repeat with second set.
  5. Wrap floral tape around the top of each stem and wrap both stems together with smallest longer than second.
  6. Glue three folded heart pieces onto tips of floral wire.
  7. Fold each of the five petals in center and use edge of scissors to curl.
  8. Curl three petals on center pieces.
  9. Slide heart petals between two smaller petals and glue in place.
  10. Glue five petals in place in same order as pattern.
  11. Tape tops of each stem with floral tape.
  12. Tape each bloom progressively onto the stem.

Step by step photo tutorial for paper dendrobium orchids by Lia Griffith

purple paper dendrobium orchidspaper dendrobium orchids in glass jar
paper dendrobium orchids against gold and white chevron background