Midori Ribbon Pillow CoverBack when I owned my flower and gift shop, Midori Ribbon was my ribbon of choice for both our gift wrapping and for our flower designs. I was very pleased when Midori Ribbon asked me to create a DIY project using their ribbons as they have such an elegant selection. I chose their 2″ dupioni silk ribbon for my project. This ribbon is cut on the bias which adds to the textural pattern of the silk. Sewing the ribbons together and making a pillow cover seemed to be the perfect project for this lush ribbon. I chose colors to create a bold graphic look in bright summery hues.

Dupioni Silk Ribbon MidoriSilkRibbonPillowCoverBelow you will find my tutorial for this pillow. It is a simple project and requires only a basic sewing machine with a zipper foot. My materials for this project were four 5 yard rolls of 2″ Midori dupioni silk ribbon, 14″ zipper to match, thread and a 16″ pillow fill. This pillow is now gracing my favorite vintage chair in my studio, adding a pop of color just where it was needed. Thank you Midori Ribbon for this gorgeous pillow post. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Silk Pillow Tutorial