DIY ChalkboardA few months ago, when designing the entryway in my loft, I decided to include a message board to introduce guests to my shoe-free home. I had picked up an overly ornate gold and linen frame at a second hand store for next to nothing and found a piece of foam board that could easily fit without needing power tools. I knew I wanted to paint the foam board with the chalkboard paint, and without much thought, ended up painting the entire frame. I loved it! It had a stylish coffee shop look, understated yet interesting. You can see the finished message board in the photo below. Today I am sharing a tutorial on how to make a DIY chalkboard that can hang over a door nob, on a wall or in a bookshelf. Initially I was imagining it being placed over a door nob with the words “baby sleeping”, but since my loft has sliding doors, I used mine to decorate a bookshelf. In any case, this mini message board can be a sweet little chalkboard sign that is great for many uses.

DIY ChalkboardDIY ChalkboardHere is the simple tutorial on how to make this mini DIY chalkboard. You could use any color of paint for the frame if you do not want the tone-on-tone look. If your frame does not have the metal hoop on top, simply glue your ribbon behind the felt on the back of the frame. For this tutorial your supplies are: mini frame, foam board, felt, scissors, chalkboard paint, paint brush, hot glue gun, ribbon and chalk. Someday when I live in a home with a door nob, I will post a photo of my original inspiration.  Enjoy ~ Lia

DIY Chalkboard tutorial