DIY Mother's Day card

Even if your mom isn’t a gardener, we think she’ll love this DIY Mother’s Day card. Featuring pretty papercut details, this card is easy to assemble with a cutting machine. Just find your favorite papers and follow the photo tutorial below. We have included a “Mum” version for our UK members, as well!

A little tip if you are using a cutting machine — be sure to use a fresh sticky cutting mat! Those tiny bits need that extra stick to keep from jumping until you are ready to glue them into the design.

DIY Mother’s Day Card Instructions

  1. Gather your craft tools and materials. Then download the card template or SVG files below.
  2. Cut out paper pieces according to the pattern using a cutting machine (highly recommended) or by hand with a detail knife. You can pick any colors of paper, but it is recommended that you use a cardstock weight for all of the “MOM” layers to hold up to all of the little cuts and details.
  3. Glue down all of the flower pieces to the second paper layer.
  4. Use a glue dot roller to line up and attach the second layer to the third.

Full tutorial available for members to download below.

Photo tutorial for papercut Mother's Day card by Lia Griffith

Papercut Mother's Day card DIY Mother's Day card

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