Glitter! Love it or hate it, the Holiday season isn’t complete without a little sparkle! Our DIY project today sees us getting messy with glitter to create a set of pretty DIY ombre glitter pinecones. Perfect for adding a little festive twinkle to your Holiday home decor, our ombre glitter pinecones make a great kids craft or fun afternoon DIY project. You can use found pinecones, or purchase them from your local craft store. Starting at the bottom, use a paint brush to cover the bottom couple sections of your pinecone in mod podge or similar craft glue. Roll the pinecone in your darkest color of glitter and let it dry. Move up the pinecone, using a lighter color of glitter with every step until your pinecone is covered. Once they are all dry you can set them on the branches of your Holiday tree, group them together on your mantle or in a bowl as a table centerpiece. Perfect!

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