Good morning! We are feeling particularly spring-like after the Easter weekend. And even though there is still a little chill in the air here in Portland, Oregon, the streets are filled with the colors of cherry blossoms, tulips, and daffodils. Our friends at Make It Fun Crafts asked us to create a versatile wreath that could be used year-round, so today we want to share our DIY paper boxwood wreath with you.


(This is a sponsored post for Make It Fun Crafts.)

The varying shades of metallic green make this wreath beautiful enough to stand alone, or you can add some pretty details for any occasion by using any one of my previous paper flower patterns. How about adding some bright paper ranunculus blooms to the mix, or dot a few of our classic white Gardenias around the wreath to use as a unique DIY wedding table centerpiece? As long as you attach any details using floral wire rather than glue, you can change up your DIY paper boxwood wreath time and time again.

This tutorial uses a 14″ foam wreath from Floracraft® , brown string, and three shades of paper (Fairway, Basis Green or Moss and PopTone Gumdrop Green ), which can be found at PaperPapers. We used our Cricut cutting machine to cut 60 of each shade of leaf, but I have added a PDF file as well for those of you who plan to cut by hand! Enjoy, and happy spring! ~ Lia

Paper_Boxwood_Wreath_DIY Detail_Boxwood_Paper_Wreath Spring_Paper_Boxwood_Wreath BoxwoodWreathTutorial