Hello everyone! If you haven’t already noticed with my Papier Couture collection, paper crafting is a real passion of mine. In addition to the paper dresses, I absolutely love to make paper flowers. Today I am going to be sharing some of my favorite paper flowers that I created in the last year for another site. I’ll also be adding a new paper flower printable and tutorial every month. The anemone is my favorite flower I have made up to now. The funny thing is . . . it seems that every new flower becomes my favorite! Does this mean they just keep getting better? I am fine-tuning my paper flower skills.

make paper flowers

The Original Anemone

The anemone, as odd as the name sounds, is a lovely delicate flower that has become a bridal bouquet favorite. They come in many colors, the pale pink and white being the most common for weddings, as the delicate petals and the black centers mirror the wedding gown and tuxedo. I see many people call it a poppy which makes me wonder if they might be related somehow. I will have to Google that one. Members can download the PDF pattern and step-by-step photo tutorial at the end of this post. Not a member yet? Join us today! Enjoy! ~ Lia & Team

Paper Anemone Flowers
make paper flowers