DIY Pet Dish MatDinner is Served

Any pet owner knows that your dog or cat’s food area can get pretty messy when you aren’t paying attention. To protect your floors, you can easily customize a DIY pet dish mat with adorable fabrics. The bone is for dog food and the fish is for kitty food, but you can choose whichever shape you like best! With a sewing machine, you can whip these up in no time.


  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Pins
  • Clear Tape
  • Iron


  • Cotton Fabric (for top of mat)
  • Cotton Toweling (for bottom of mat)
  • Matching Thread


  1. Gather tools and materials. Prewash fabric and toweling to prevent shrinkage when washing later.
  2. Print out the PDF pattern below and cut, taping the pieces together where marked.
  3. Pin pattern to fabric and cut out fabric. Repeat with toweling.
  4. With right sides together, match and pin anll edges. Sew around, using 1/4-inch seam allowance and leaving a 3-inch opening on one side.
  5. Clip all corners and curves as shown.
  6. Turn right side out through the opening in the side. Press to flatten with an iron.
  7. Turn in edges at the opening and secure with pins.
  8. Top-stitch around the entire mat edge and opening.

Follow the photo tutorial below for a visual guide to making these pet food mats!


One of the best parts of this project was being able to play around with fun fabrics. Why not choose some cheerful colors for your pets! You should be able to find a good selection of the fabrics you need at your fabric store. For the toweling, we actually just found a dish towel that we liked and trimmed it to size. It was that simple! This DIY pet dish mat is a very straightforward sewing machine project, so it could also be a great opportunity to introduce sewing machine skills to your kids.

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