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Have you been needing a little home decor refresh? This DIY tassel basket project is a really simple way to add some color to your living space, plus it’s an opportunity to play with seasonal color palettes. Because we are heading into summer, we created a warm color palette with salmons and plums for this cute woven basket. Our instructions below include steps for making the mini embroidery floss tassels, and then how to attach them to your basket of choice. 


  • Scissors
  • 2 x 2.5″ piece of stiff cardboard
  • Embroidery Needle


  • Basket
  • Embroidery Floss in various colors


  1. Gather the tools and materials listed above.
  2. Hold the end of the floss with your thumb and begin to wrap it tightly around the 2″ side of the cardboard. Finished tassels will be 1 3/4 inches long. 
  3. Wrap floss around the cardboard about 30 times.
  4. Cut a 6″ piece of floss, thread the needle and pull the thread through the loop.
  5. Slide the loop off the cardboard and tie a tight double knot at the top. 
  6. Cut a 12″ piece of floss and thread your needle. Make a double knot close to the top of the tassel leaving a 2.5″ tail. This tail will be integrated into the tassel.
  7. Wrap floss neatly and tightly around the tassel top several times.
  8. Using a needle, pass thread under this wrapped area.
  9. Pull floss through. 
  10. Cut all loops in the fringe of the tassel.
  11. Using sharp scissors, trim the tassel ends evenly. 
  12. Create enough tassels for your specific basket – we used 15 for ours. 
  13. Using needle, pass top threads through the front of the basket. 
  14. Knot the floss twice inside the basket to secure tassel. 
  15. Trim all knots. Reinforce with fabric glue if desired. 

Follow our photo tutorial below for a visual guide to making a DIY tassel basket! 


We found our rope basket from Target a while ago, but unfortunately it no longer seems to be available. When picking out your basket, we recommend using a neutral or solid colored basket set so that you can add in your color accents with the tassels. If you have a sewing machine, you can get even more creative by making your own cotton clothesline basket with our tutorial here. Once you are finished with your tassel basket, you can use it to store your yarn, blankets, pet toys or anything else that needs a bit of tidying. These baskets can make for a particularly stylish plant holder. Another option for giving your baskets some flair is to add in some yarn pom poms as well. 

Strut your Stuff!

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