There is nothing better than a hostess gift that is handmade. It’s great to give something that you have created yourself, something unique, something that stands out from store bought gifts. This simple DIY iron-on for tea towels is a great host or hostess gift that can be whipped up in no time if you have a personal cutting machine. We have also added these designs into a PDF in three different colors for a printable iron-on. Click on the SVG file below and cut onto iron-on vinyl using your cutting machine. Remember to click the button that will reverse your design so it will come out readable when you apply it to your towel. Follow the instructions on your iron-on vinyl to apply the vinyl to the tea towel. Our tip for using iron-on would be to press the vinyl with a medium temperature iron until the top layer begins to crinkle. Peel off the top layer and give it one more hot iron press with a layer of fabric between the vinyl and your iron. Your tea towel will then be ready to use and can be washed in a washing machine as normal. We would not recommend drying these towels in a dryer as the vinyl may eventually crack. For the printable iron-on, the design is set to print in reverse. Just follow the instructions on the material package to get the best results.
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