Scandinavian Designs

 Beginner  Quick

Papercut Folk Floral Lantern

 Beginner  30min

VIDEO: Woodland Foil Vinyl Mug Decals

 Beginner  30min

Painted Wooden Ball Ornaments

winter bird pillows on grey chair with pink blanket and white faux fur pillows

Winter Bird Pillow Iron-On Design

Scandinavian designs for outdoor pillows

Scandi-Inspired Pillow Iron-On Designs

 --  Quick

Scandi Floral Toothpick Toppers

3D paper cabin in glass dome
 Beginner  30min

3D Paper Cabin

 --  30min

Copper Wire Star Decoration

 Beginner  30min

Wood Tassel Ornaments

 Beginner  30min

3D Paper Tree Ornaments

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