DIY DishclothsIt’s no secret that my team and I get our inspiration for many projects just by walking around our neighborhood and seeing what moves us. I was recently walking around my local grocery store and I passed a display with cute knit dishcloths wrapped up like gifts. My first thought was “what a great DIY!” At $20 for two dishcloths, why not just make them yourself? So I enlisted the help of the master seamstress on our team and we came up with these crocheted DIY dishcloths. They are 100% cotton and machine washable, so they are really practical too. 

These DIY dishcloths are stitched using a double crochet stitch. Just like our knitting techniques videos, we made a series of crocheting technique videos that you can reference for any crocheting project that you are working on. First, gather your materials. If you are a beginning crocheter, you will need to get yourself some darning needles (see Shop this Project!). Next, pick out your yarn colors. I added a link to the yarn that we used in the Shop this Project section. We went with an serene teal and grey color scheme, but choose whatever colors will best match with your specific home decor. You can also easily make these out of a single color too. 

Every crochet project begins with a chain stitch and ends with weaving in the ends. The videos below show how to do a chain stitch, then double crochet stitch. After learning the double crochet technique, you can learn how to change colors while you are crocheting. The last video shows you how to weave in the ends and then you are ready to start your project! Download the PDF for the crocheting patterns. There are two patterns in the download – the first is for regular-sized dishcloths, and the second is for kids dish cloths that you can add to our DIY play kitchen for your kids! 

Make a set of DIY dishcloths for your home, or as a wonderful handmade housewarming gift for a loved one. And stay tuned for a single crocheted dishcloth pattern to pair with this set. Feel free to reference the videos below and then head over to our yarn section to browse knitting patterns. See you soon! ~ Lia 

DIY DishclothsDIY DishclothsDSCF0856DIY Dishcloths

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