Knitted Pillow CoversSponsoredBy_KnitPicksThis post marks our very first knitting project on the website, and I am happy to say that it will be the first of many! We decided that our first knitting project should be something simple with a beautiful and functional result. So we went for these easy knitted pillow covers to incorporate into any home decor! After knitting each row of the pillow, you will have created a pretty garter stitch pillow to share with your friends and family.

To make our knitted pillow covers, we used fabulously soft yarn from Knit Picks. We chose their Tuff Puff yarn in their Marina color for our pillows, but choose any color that you would like to use for your specific decor! You will 5 skeins of yarn to make each pillow, and we used size 15 knitting needles with a 32-inch cable. Find links for each of these materials in Shop this Project below. To help you knit this pillow together, use our instructional videos to show you the ins and outs of each stitch!

As with all knitting projects, begin by casting on. Once you have the correct number of stitches, the rest of the pillow will be made with a basic knit stitch. Simple! Create your knitted pillow covers according to the size of your specific pillow. We made our cover with 36 stitches across to fit our 18-inch wide pillow. Continue with the basic knit stitch to cover your entire pillow, then finish by binding off. Next, fold the knitted piece in half lengthwise and stitch up two sides using a whip stitch to form a pocket. You will need a jumbo yarn needles to create the whip stitches. After the two seams are created, stick your pillow into the cover, and then use a whip stitch to sew up the last side of the cover. Find our printable pattern below that includes this information. Below you will also find the short, easy-to-follow videos for casting on, a basic knit stitch, binding off, and the whip stitches. We will be linking to these videos in each of our knitting projects to guide you through the process!

Tools & Materials

Knitted Pillow Covers

Knitted Pillow Covers

I love this knitted pillow project because it is such a great introduction for newbie knitters. And, it is a great way to impress your friends and family with a pretty homemade gift! This is just the beginning, so stay tuned for plenty more knitting projects coming your way. I can’t wait! Always feel free to share your photos with me by tagging me in your Instagram photos or using the hashtag #DIYDreamingWithLia. Stay updated on the projects we share daily by looking into our membership options or following me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! ~ Lia