Can't you just see it? You, basking in the glow of creativity, surrounded by a sea of vibrant wool-blend felt, your trusty tools in hand. It's almost like a little vacation. This enchanting Embroidered Felt Sun Mandala is a great craft to practice your embroidery skills. Or, for our more advanced crafters, it's a fabulous way to keep your mind alert and your hands busy. Either way, bringing this little bit of sunshine to life should be no sweat at all.

One thing I love about the culture of Latin America is its strong connection to the earth and nature. The sun, for instance, isn't just a celestial body. It's a symbol of vitality, life, and energy -- showing up frequently in folk art from the region. From the ancient civilizations of yesterday to today's modern traditions, the sun's rays light up the cultural landscape of Latin America, casting a warm glow over all who embrace it.

Once you're ready to get started on your Embroidered Felt Sun Mandala our easy-to-follow guide and template will have you stitching up a storm in no time! However, we fully encourage you to get creative with this project. Add embellishments, perhaps some beading, experiment with color -- truly make it your own. And don't worry, the sun won't mind — she's a star too, after all.

Once you're all finished with your embroidery masterpiece, don't keep it all to yourself! Whether you plan to incorporate it into your summer decor, or use it for your Cinco De Mayo gathering, be sure to proudly share your Embroidered Felt Mandala in our crafters' community or on Instagram with the hashtag #MadeWithLia.