embroidered sneakers

Petal Pushers

Take a gander at these fresh kicks to kick off spring. For these embroidered sneakers we used a lazy daisy stitch, french knots, and a back stitch. The lazy daisy stitch is super simple and a great stitch for beginner crafters. To brush up on your embroidery skills or for more inspiration, check out our embroidery tips and tricks videos here. 

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Crafting tips

A needle puller and thimbles are highly recommended. Stitching through canvas will make your fingers go raw! We also avoided going through more than one layer of the canvas material (so just the sides, not too close to the eyelets).


  1. Gather the tools and materials. Clean your sneakers beforehand or use new ones – you will be handling them a lot!
  2. Remove the shoelaces for now. Draw on the first couple of daisies using a disappearing ink pen. Using an air erasable pen will cause the marks to fade over time. Always test your pen beforehand in an inconspicuous area of your fabric! Some markers will remove easier than others.
  3. Using a lazy daisy stitch, embroider 6 white petals over your pen marks, leaving space in the center. View our “Embroidery Tips, Tricks and Video Tutorials” on the site!
  4. Sew a yellow french knot in the middle, wrapping the needle twice.
  5. Embroider the second daisy.
  6. Draw and then stitch a stem for the second daisy using a back stitch in an avocado green floss.
  7. Stitch a lazy daisy against the stem to make a small leaf.
  8. Continue to embroider more daisies and leaves on the shoe. See the attached Embroidery Guide for reference. It is not an exact pattern – placement of stitches depends on your shoe type, shoe size, and size of your stitches.
  9. Fill in areas with some pink french knots, the needle wrapped twice.
  10. On the inner side of the shoe, embroider a few more daisies and dots. Just enough so that you can see them from the top when wearing them. 
  11. Embroider the other shoe. It does not need to be an exact copy of the first. Use a bit of water on a clean paintbrush or spritz to help remove the disappearing ink if needed (and if you are using a water soluble pen). Do not rub water into the fabric, as it can spread the ink further into the fibers. Usually if you wait a day it will have mostly faded. Apply water again if there are still marks.
  12. After letting your sneakers dry with the ink now disappeared, lace up the sneakers and they are ready to wear! If you want to cover up the stitches inside the shoes, you can use a product like “Sulky Iron-On Backing” to protect your hard work and your skin.

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