This is an ideal craft for beginners, offering an excellent opportunity to hone those basic embroidery skills. But before you begin constructing these fabulous embroidered winter house ornaments, first ensure you’ve checked your tools and materials for everything you need. Once you’re ready, then check out our tutorial to the right. 

Ornaments have a rich history that spans centuries. However, the modern Christmas ornaments we’re familiar with today began their journey in 16th century Germany. Trees weren’t adorned with tinsel and baubles back then; instead, they were adorned with fruits and nuts, symbolizing the Garden of Eden. Since then, the tradition of tree decoration has evolved to include ornaments of all kinds, including the charming embroidered winter houses featured in this tutorial.

For our ornaments, we’ve chosen a soft and simple color palette, drawing inspiration from the natural hues of winter. However, feel free to use colors that best represent your vision of a Christmas Village. Each little house is nestled in a snowy blanket, surrounded by a couple of snow-capped trees. Also, each ornament features smoke billowing from the chimney, creating a perfect winter scene.

We would love to see your own cozy Christmas village come to life with these delightful ornaments. So, be sure to share your creations with us in our crafters’ community or on Instagram using the hashtag #MadeWithLia.