Extra Fine Crepe Paper

This weekend marks the official debut of the Lia Griffith extra fine crepe paper line…!!!!!!! The team and I have been waiting for this moment for months! When I created this website three years ago, my mission and motivation was to reignite creativity. I wanted to empower people to engage in handcrafting, and to feel comfortable and confident to attempt DIY projects of all kinds. To put it in a word, I wanted to make creativity accessible to those who might feel timid to explore the power of their right brain. As time went on, I realized that a huge part of making handcrafting accessible was not only to instill confidence in those who are crafting, but to also make sure that crafters of all levels had access to the materials that they need to make beautiful pieces they can incorporate into their home, wedding, and party decor.

Papercrafting is my passion. I have been making paper flowers for years with all types of papers, and my goal has always been to teach this art form to anyone looking for an extra dose of pretty in their lives. Crepe paper is a gorgeous material to work with in creating paper flowers because it has a certain flexibility and obvious texture that no other papers possess. So often, however, I have heard from readers that they simply do not know where to find high quality crepe paper. Whether they live in rural towns or various places overseas, nice crepe paper is either unavailable or lower quality. The nicer papers I have found online, my favorite find being the thicker 180 gram Italian crepe paper. Building upon my mission to make creativity accessible, I decided that I also had to do something to make this beautiful crafting material similarly accessible. I am incredibly excited that the time has finally come to share this material with you all!

Crepe paper has a rich history in the handcrafting world and vintage fashion, but this history has been overshadowed by lower quality streamers and cheap papers that have been made in China and are highly available in craft stores today. The reason we decided to call this launch a Crepe Paper Revival is because we want to bring crepe back into the realm of elegant craft and design. My crepe paper line was created with the main purpose of elevating the possibilities of exquisite handcrafting. I carefully chose a color palette inspired by nature, with rich and vibrant hues perfect for crafting paper flowers and botanicals. It was important to me that the papers would resemble the delicate petals of real blooms, so I wanted this line to showcase extra fine crepe papers. We love Italian crepe for making certain projects with oversized petals, but because it is thicker paper, it does not always capture the finer details of intricate blooms. Calla lilies, for example, look beautiful crafted from Italian crepe because each bloom is one large petal. For more complex flowers like peonies or cabbage roses, our extra fine crepe has a gorgeously malleable quality that makes flower designs look stunningly realistic.

Another essential feature of our crepe line is the stretch in the papers. While much of the crepe paper that you find on the market in the US has little pull, the Lia Griffith extra fine crepe paper has 130% stretch. Not only is there a range of ten luscious colors based in nature included in the launch of the line, there are also three metallic colors that are fantastic for wedding, holiday, and party decor projects. Even more exciting are the ten double-sided crepe papers that will be available for creating pretty aesthetic depth. This broad selection of unique papers offers the opportunity to make custom crafts unlike ever before, and I am more than thrilled to introduce them to you all. This summer I look forward to sharing video tutorials for each flower that you see in these photos!

The Lia Griffith crepe line will make its debut at the National Stationery Show in New York, May 15-18. Find me at booth #1311! You can browse all of the papers in the line at the booth, including two crepe paper dresses that I crafted using several colors from the line. Or, head over to the NSS Theater to watch my crepe paper demos, May 15, 16, and 17 at 2:30pm. I will also have the crepe paper bouquet on display at the Best New Product Display area for your viewing pleasure 🙂 I can’t wait! Please join me in this crepe paper revival journey by tagging your crepe DIYs with our hashtag #CrepePaperRevival. You can view all of our crepe paper projects (with templates and tutorials!) as we post them throughout the summer by following our Crepe Paper Revival Pinterest board. The papers will be available for purchase through Amazon in July. I will be giving updates on everything you need to know to get your hands on this material, so be sure to also follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to get the lowdown! Take a look at our membership options to never miss a project, and never hesitate to reach out with suggestions for DIYs that you would like to see on the site. Lots and lots and lots of love! ~ Lia

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