Crepe Paper Ranunculus

Start by gathering your materials. As always, you can find the crepe in the shop. These crepe paper ranunculus are featured in Aubergine, Merlot, and Ruby with Gold centers and Juniper leaves. I have to say that these would also look stunning using our double-sided paper if you want to create a larger variety of blooms. We used 18 gauge floral wire for the stems, and then wrapped them in floral tape to finish them. Download the printable instructions for a full list of materials. Cut out the PDF template and then follow the step-by-step photo tutorial for a visual guide. Crepe paper is a very forgiving material, and crepe paper ranunculus always turn out gorgeous no matter what skill level you are. So these flowers (as well as my anemones) are especially great for beginners!



Crepe Paper RanunculusCrepe Paper Ranunculus

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If you would like to learn more about crepe as a material before you start crafting, head over to get started with Crepe Paper Flowers. The most important thing to remember is to always cut with the grain of the crepe so that the grain is vertical. This will allow you to stretch and curl the petals in an elegantly realistic way. Once you finish with your crepe paper ranunculus arrangement, browse the rest of our projects using the extra fine crepe line to find other flowers that inspire your creativity! Share your project photos using #MadeWithLia on Instagram. We love seeing your creativity bloom! ~ Lia & team