I have shared a few felt succulent projects as well as many paper versions over the last few months but feel that they really come into their own at this time of year. The texture of felt is perfect for the cooler months and you can pick up squares of the soft fabric in gorgeous earthy tones from your local craft store or online. These brand new felt succulent patterns make the ideal afternoon DIY project for crafty fingers on a damp day.

We came across these cute pots in our local Target store. They had plastic succulents inside which we weren’t feeling – sorry Target, we do love so much of your stuff!! So, we yanked the plastic succulents out to make way for our cute felt versions! Our felt succulents are designed to pop right into the hole where the plastic ones were – simple! To make your felt succulents, begin by downloading the patterns below. Using the template, cut the shapes out of your felt and glue the petals together by following the tutorial. We recommend using a low temperature glue gun to assemble the succulent and attach it to the pot. If you want to use your own mini plant pots, we would recommend filling them with foam and topping with moss before adding your felt succulent as the final stage. Have fun my crafting buddies! Enjoy! ~ Lia & Team