The dark nights are creeping up on us and so it’s at this time of year that I like to pull out my paper lanterns and brighten the atmosphere in my home. Our latest fall paper cut lantern pattern is perfect for those of you with a cutting machine. It is delicate and is full of intricate leaf patterns that a cutting machine can achieve easily.

Of course, you can use our PDF pattern to cut this lantern by hand if you want to. But with a cutting machine, you can click on the SVG file below and have it cut and ready to assemble in minutes. Also if you need a lantern just for the Halloween season, check out our Halloween lantern, which features a spooky graveyard scene.

An UnbeLEAFably Easy DIY

We used a shimmering frosted paper for our fall paper cut lanterns as well as vellum paper window and battery-operated LED lights inside. Assembling this pattern with a low-temperature glue gun is the quickest and easiest way to put it together, but if you don’t have one, then a good paper glue is fine too. You can shop this post below if you want to get yourself a glue gun. I couldn’t do what I do without mine! However you choose to make this pretty fall paper cut lantern, have fun!




  1. Gather tools & materials, then cut out lantern according to pattern using the PDF or SVG file.
  2. Fold each tab on the top and along the side of the lantern.
  3. Cut vellum paper and adhere to inside of lantern.
  4. Add adhesive to the side tab, then fold and secure the lantern closed. Add a dab of adhesive to one tab at the top, and secure it to the side next to it. Repeat until all 4 tabs have been closed.
  5. Add natural brown string to the top, and place LED candle inside.

fall paper cut lanterns on mantel
fall paper cut lantern with leaf and acorn patterns
fall paper cut lanterns with leaf and acorn cutouts and LED lights

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