If you’re looking for fun home décor you can craft, this fall pom-pom garland is such a cute and easy project. We used a fall color palette for our garland. But of course you can use different color combinations and arrange your pom poms however you prefer.

Say Yes to Yarn

This fall pom-pom garland is a colorful and unique accent —perfect for your mantel, window, or doorway. You can also use it to dress up a holiday tree or other plants. Because pom-pom garlands are so simple to put together, you could make them for different rooms, seasons, events, and so on.

Ready to make your own pom-pom garland for fall? Just gather the tools and materials below. Then follow our 6-step tutorial below. There’s also a photo tutorial if you need a visual.

Once you craft your fall pom-pom garland, we’d love to see it! Remember to use #MadeWithLia when sharing photos of your latest work on Instagram. And always feel free to reach out with questions and/or feedback!




  1. Gather tools and materials above.
  2. Cut 18 pieces of yarn at 10′ lengths in the colors of your choice. Then braid the yarn together, leaving a tassel at each end.
  3. Make your pom poms in various sizes and colors. You can create patterns in the pom poms by mixing yarn colors.
  4. You will need about 30 pom poms to fill out your garland. We made 6 large, 18 medium, and 6 small pom poms.
  5. Start with your largest pom poms and tie them onto the braided yarn.
  6. Fill in your garland with your remaining pom poms and cut off any excess yarn.

Photo tutorial for home decor fall pom-pom garland by Lia Griffith

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Fall pom-pom garland on mantel next to framed art Fall pom-pom garland on mantel with vase and framed art

Fall pom-pom garland on mantel with vase and framed art

Fall pom-pom garland hanging on front of mantel

Fall pom-pom garland hanging on framed art on mantel