Fall Wine Charms
Thanksgiving is three days away and we’re sharing our favorite last-minute project for the occasion. Last week we shared our collection of projects for preparing your Thanksgiving dinner table, and now we’re adding one more easy DIY to the list: fall wine charms! These wine charms are seasonal, so you can use them all throughout autumn and even into winter. Our fall wine charms have a variety of leaf designs in a color palette fit for the darker months – deep purples, rich oranges and yellow-y greens. We used our favorite crafting hack to make these wine charms, shrink film! It’s a great option for making small trinkets like keychains or magnets, so wine charms were a natural fit. 

Start by printing the PDF below onto white shrink film. You can find shrink film on Amazon, we added a link to Shop this Project. There are two sets of charms in the download, a larger size that is meant for shrink film and a smaller size that you can use to simply print onto white cardstock for a one-time use. The larger size measures 2 inches across, so we used our Fiskars punch to trim them after printing onto our shrink film. Before putting the charms into the oven, use a small hole punch to punch a hole at the top. Next, bake the fall wine charms according to the instructions on your specific shrink film. 

Once you pull the charms out of the oven, we recommend using something heavy like a book to flatten them. When they are cooled, you can attach the rings to complete the fall wine charms. We used copper wire and formed them into rings, but you can also find pre-made rings at your local jewelry or craft store. After finishing the wine charms, you also have the option to add little flags to write your guests’ names. We also added a download for this and we recommend printing onto white cardstock. For more Thanksgiving ideas, hop over here. We hope you enjoy your fall dinner parties and celebrations! ~ Lia and the Team 

Fall Wine Charms

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