This felt arctic fox is an intermediate-level project and would make a delightful challenge for our more seasoned crafters. Also, this project might be a fun opportunity for beginners to try something new. Once you’re ready to begin, take a look over to the right for our list of tools and materials.

Stitches used: blanket, whip, back, and ladder stitch

Inspired by the resilient Arctic foxes that thrive in frigid climates, our felt creation pays homage to these creatures’ adaptability and charm. The real Arctic fox boasts a beautiful white coat, providing excellent camouflage in the snowy landscapes they call home. We stuck to a stark winter palette of antique white and black to create our foxy friend. However, there’s an opportunity for customization with your fox’s jaunty winter scarf. We chose a chilly shade of blue, but feel free to match it to your decor or preference.

There’s such joy and warmth in crafting during the holidays and creating a little token of the season’s magic with your own two hands! Once you bring your adorable felt arctic fox to life, you’ll have a cuddly companion to grace your winter decor or gift to anyone needing a snuggly friend. When you’re all finished, share your new pal with our crafters’ community or tag us on Instagram with #MadeWithLia — let’s celebrate the winter wonder together!