Inspired by the coming fall foliage, these Felt Autumn Ferns will add some earthy glamour to your home this season. While we love designing all manner of bright felt and paper flowers, we never forget the understated elegance of greenery. Or, in this case, brownery. Usually relegated to the supporting cast, these handsome fronds can definitely hold their own center stage. 

This project is very beginner-friendly but can be a bit time-consuming. It will take about two hours to cut out a single frond using a cutting machine with rotary. Scroll down to the tutorial once you’re ready to get started. 

Making Fronds

We’ve crafted all types of ferns here at Lia Griffith over the years. Their versatility within flower arrangement is unmatched, and they often look beautiful all on their own. For this project, we wanted to highlight the humble fern while giving it an autumn spin. We chose terracotta felt, perfect for the fall, and colored it with green and metallic copper PanPastel for a bit of shimmer. 

Style these gorgeous felt autumn ferns with a few fronds of green or any other color of your choosing. I think this would make such an exciting autumnal centerpiece if you added a few fronds of orange, gold, and red. Place these in a vase, or bundle them up and drape them across your mantle for something a little different. 

However you choose to style them — don’t forget to share! Upload pics of your finished project into our crafters’ community or give us a shoutout on Instagram with the hashtag #MadeWithLia.