Axolotl-utely Adorable

We’re diving into the new year with a splash of creativity, and for this month’s collection, we have something special in store for you. Drum roll, please! Introducing this adorable Felt Axolotl stuffie. Surprisingly, this cute little creature is making its debut here on the Lia Griffith website, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome the axolotl into our felt stuffie menagerie. So, prepare to fall in love with this quirky, aquatic cutie, and get ready to craft up something special!

Whether you’re a seasoned crafting pro or a beginner looking to up your DIY game, our Felt Axolotl is an intermediate-level project that promises loads of fun! We recommend a cutting machine for this project, but as always, feel free to cut your pieces by hand if you’d prefer. Ready to get started on your Felt Axolotl stuffie? Then, follow our step-by-step tutorial to bring this delightful little creature to life.

Besides being the most adorable amphibian on the planet, axolotls are actually pretty fascinating. A member of the salamander family, axolotls are well known for their incredible regenerative abilities. They can regrow entire limbs — a true symbol of resilience and strength! While our little guy doesn’t boast such a nifty trick, we think our axolotl captures their charm and uniqueness in a cuddly form, thus making this a perfect gift for your crafty friends or a delightful addition to your collection.

Though axolotls can take several forms, we modeled our Felt Axolotl after the more well-known leucistic type. And so, we chose our wool-blend felt in Sweet Pink and English Rose to mimic their natural coloring. We replicated the feathery gills on top of their head with the help of scalloped pinking shears. Also, we sewed a wavy fin along its back and on the underside of the tail. Finally, to capture that classic axolotl smile, we used a fabric pen and two black safety eyes to finish it all off. The end result? A huggable companion to give to a loved one or keep all to yourself!

Whether you plan to gift it or add it to your personal collection, this Felt Axolotl stuffie is a must-try. Don’t forget to share your creation with the #MadeWithLia community – we can’t wait to see these super cute, one-of-a-kind axolotls swimming into the hearts of crafters everywhere.