We have been using our felt wool balls for all kinds of DIY crafts lately. Last month we showed you how to make these felt ball pumpkins. And now this month we’re showing you how to make some felt ball ghost spiders.

This is a cute and simple Halloween craft that’s perfect for all ages. Plus there is no cutting involved! 

video felt ball ghost spiders

Let’s hang out and craft!

If you have young kids who enjoy crafting at home, this is a fun family activity you can all do together. And it doesn’t take a ton of time! We made just one of these felt ball ghost spiders in about five minutes.

When you’re ready to start crafting your felt ball ghost spiders, just gather the supplies you need from our list below. Then follow along with our video tutorial. We are calling them ghost spiders so they feel a bit more spooky, but they can also just be regular spiders made in whatever color you prefer! 

Skill level: Beginner



felt ball ghost spiders

DIY spiders for Halloween decor

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