felt bunny and cat ears headbandsStrike a Paws!

Gather the tools and materials listed below for your cat and bunny ears. Then download either our SVG or PDF file, and hop to it! With just a few simple steps and supplies, you can transform yourself into a lively little kitten or the funniest of bunnies. Hoppy crafting!


  1. Gather the tools and materials listed above.
  2. Apply the iron-on onto the felt before cutting, following the product instructions. We used Cricut black glitter iron-on on black felt and their rose gold foil on blush felt.
  3. To make your bunny ears: trace the bunny ear pattern onto the felt side of your rose gold foil/blush felt, mirrored in the middle. Cut two total.
  4. Lay out one of the felt ears under the headband. Shape a length of wire slightly smaller than the felt ear. Trim and wrap the ends around the headband to secure. Repeat for the second ear, making sure it is even.
  5. Fold and match up the felt ears. Glue the middle where it creases to the underside of the headband and along the edge of the ears with the wire between. Repeat for the second ear.
  6. To make mini roses: cut the felt according to the pattern. Glue the three smallest petals around a short length of floral wire.
  7. Overlap and glue tabs onto the large petals. Glue the petals at the base of the center.
  8. Snip a small hole in the center of the sepal. Slide it onto the wire and glue to the underside of the rose. The bunny ears have two small blush roses, one big burgundy rose, and four small leaves total.
  9. Trim the wire stems to about 1” long. Arrange and wrap wire around the headband to secure.
  10. Glue two leaves to the backside.
  11. Glue two more leaves under the smallest roses on the sides. To cover the wires on the underside of the headband you can cut a small strip of the rose gold foil/blush pink felt to fit. Glue to secure.
  12. To make the cat ears: trace the cat ear pattern onto the felt side of your black glitter/black felt, mirrored in the middle. Cut two total. Fold and match up the ears in the middle and glue onto the headband (the same way as the bunny ears, this time without wire).
  13. Cut out and assemble more felt roses, the same as before, but with no sepals. The cat ears have four small black roses, two big burgundy roses, and four rose gold/blush pink leaves (creased in the middle). Trim off the wire stems as close to the base of the rose as possible.
  14. Glue the roses and the leaves onto the bottom edge of the cat ears. Make sure to have the biggest in the middle and the two smaller roses on the sides, with the leaves underneath.

Hoppy Crafting!

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diy bunny and cat ears bunny and cat ears costumesDIY cat and bunny ears for Halloween headbands by Lia Griffith