Sacre Bleu!

Chicory is a seasonal wildflower with a number of applications. Introduced to North America by European colonists, the entire plant — from the root to the petals — is edible. Additionally, chicory root is sometimes used as a coffee substitute or cultivated to make a natural sweetener. With so many uses, this blue beauty is more than just a pretty face!

Though rare, chicory blossoms can be white or pink, but we decided to stick with the periwinkle blue for our design. Our felt wool blend in the shade Bluebell works perfectly to capture that classic chicory look. However, if you envision a different shade for your project, go for it!

Crafting tip: Our felt chicory flower is a beginner to intermediate craft, so it’s great for our members who are ready for a little challenge. These flowers are small, so be patient with yourself! We highly recommend using a cutting machine with a rotary blade and then touching up the edges with your craft scissors. These pretty wildflowers and a selection of garden variety blooms will look lovely in a felt bouquet.

Skill level: Beginner-intermediate

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