Get ready to go bananas for our newest felt stuffie project: Felt Climbing Monkeys! These playful primates are perfect for adding a touch of jungle mischief to your summer décor. And with their connectable design – monkey business is a guarantee! Whether you hang them vertically or create a charming garland, these cheeky monkeys are bound to bring a smile. This project is also a wonderful way to enhance your stitching skills and create something truly special.

Monkey See Monkey Do

Whether you're a lifetime crafter or just starting your creative journey, these Felt Climbing Monkeys are perfect for all skill levels. Feeling intimidated by the tiny details? No worries! Our project includes tips for simplifying the process so you can focus on creating a jungle full of primate pals.

Monkeys are known for their agility and playful nature, characteristics we endeavored to replicate with our Felt Climbing Monkeys. In addition, these intelligent creatures often form tight-knit family groups, swinging through trees and grooming each other as a form of social bonding. Also, they're known for their expressive faces and curious personalities – just like our felt versions!

These little guys are also total fashionistas. Monkeys come in a kaleidoscope of stunning colors, from our project's rich browns and camels to vibrant greens, oranges, and even the occasional splash of blue. So, feel free to let your creativity go wild and craft a troop of monkeys as diverse and dazzling as the jungle itself!

One charming detail we added to our Felt Climbing Monkeys is a blush of pink to the monkeys' cheeks using a Tombow Dual Brush Marker. And if stuffing those tiny limbs and tails feels like a tricky task, here's a handy tip: use chenille stems cut to fit instead. They provide the perfect structure without the fuss.

Once you've got your tools and materials ready, swing into action and start crafting your Felt Climbing Monkeys today! And remember, we love seeing your creations. So be sure to share your crafty monkeys with us in our crafters' community, or tag us on Instagram with the hashtag #MadeWithLia.

Stitches used: whip, back stitch, detached chain, and satin stitch.