This project is perfect for crafters who already have some stitching experience. We consider this Felt Donkey Stuffie an intermediate craft due to a lot of little details. However, many of those details are optional, so no worries! We do recommend using your cutting machine to keep things consistent and speedy, but you're always welcome to cut your pieces by hand. Once you're ready -- follow our photo tutorial to bring this sweet guy to life.

Donkeys aren't just hard workers; they're also incredibly sweet and fiercely loyal. In Latin American culture, the humble donkey is a symbol of rural life and strength. Plus, they come in all sorts of different hues and shades, so you can craft yourself a whole drove of unique and beautiful donkeys.

When designing our Felt Donkey Stuffie, we really wanted to nail down the details. For instance, this donkey's mane and tail are made from embroidery floss. While it can take a while to stitch on each strand, it's so worth it once your get it trimmed and you're able to see the final result. Oh, and here's a tip: use a dab of glue to reinforce the seams inside your donkey. This little extra step will ensure your friend is sturdy enough for years of adventures.

Once your Felt Donkey Stuffie is complete, it's time to show him off! Whether perched on a shelf or acting as a quirky companion for your desk, this friendly donkey is guaranteed to bring a grin to your face every time you see it. Also, don't forget to share your felt stuffie creation with us in our crafters' community or tag us on Instagram with the hashtag #MadeWithLia.

Stitches Used: blanket, whip, straight, detached chain stitch