Felt Fox StuffieOur newest Craft School lesson is live and ready for you to tackle! This lesson falls into our Fab Felt Crafts course, and I’ll be showing you how to craft these adorable felt fox stuffies. We love felt stuffies because they are a great way to both practice some basic hand stitching and teach some introductory sewing skills. While making the fox stuffie, you will also learn the fundamental techniques for creating all the projects in our Felt Animal Stuffie Series.

Head over to the felt fox stuffie lesson to learn which materials you will need for the project. You can find felt in our craft shop or at your local craft or fabric store, but be sure to use wool blend or 100% wool felt for these. Acrylic felt is scratchy and won’t look as nice when it’s all stitched together, so I would say to avoid acrylic. Once you have your materials, you can download the fox stuffie PDF pattern from the bottom of this page. Cut out your felt pieces according to the template, and then watch this video.

To learn more about using felt as a crafting material, don’t miss our Getting Started with Felt Crafts. In this video, I cover the different types of felt plus the best tools to use when crafting with felt.  After you’ve mastered your felt fox stuffie, you can browse all of our felt projects for more inspiration! Share your fox stuffie photos using #MadeWithLia on Instagram so that the team and I can admire your lovely makes. See you next time! ~ Lia

Felt Fox StuffieFelt Fox StuffieFelt Fox Stuffiedscf2616