Felt Holly Wreath

Preparing your felt holly wreath materials:

Start this project by gathering your materials. You will need felt for the leaves, felt balls, and a base for your wreath. Instead of using a wreath form, we made one out of vine wire. This beauty of technique is that you can make the wreath any size you’d like. To create a basic wreath form, wrap the wire in a circle about 5 times, intertwining the wire sporadically to secure the form. The covered wire also gives our felt holly wreath a pretty rustic look for winter.

To add some metallic accents, we used Gold Glitter heat transfer vinyl – one of our favorite crafting hacks! Iron the glitter sheet onto the wool sheet and voila, perfect metallic felt. Just be sure to place a cloth napkin or something similar on top of the iron on. You shouldn’t put your hot iron directly onto the iron on material.

Assembling your felt holly wreath:

Once you have your materials, print the PDF template below as a guide for cutting the felt leaves. Feel free to use any colors of felt that you want to customize your felt holly wreath! Use hot glue to attach the leaves and felt balls when you are ready. You can create any assortment, but we recommend arranging the leaves in little clusters as you work around the wreath. As we mentioned, we designed this wreath to be simple! When you finish, you can use it for indoor or outdoor decor. And if you are interested in more felt wreath ideas, don’t miss one of our favorites from last year, our frosty holiday wreath in all white.

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