handmade felt moonflower vine

Over the moon

The moonflower is a brilliant white flower that only blooms at night. However, making it out of felt means you can enjoy it any time of the day! Our tutorial shows how to use our white wool-blend felt to create their flowery trumpet blooms with peachy-colored penciled details and attach them onto a long twisting wire vine with heart-shaped leaves.

Moonflowers are also toxic to dogs and cats. So if you have any pets around, this felt moonflower is a great flower to craft and much safer to keep in your home.

Skill level: Beginner-friendly

Crafting tips: Because moonflowers are a vining plant that needs support, this is a fun project where you can get creative with how you shape and display your vine. I trimmed a piece of bamboo from my yard to use as a stake for the two vines, but you can also use a woodcraft dowel, stick, or even a decorative metal plant trellis before sticking your felt moonflower into a pretty plant pot. You could even go stake-less and have your vine creeping along a shelf or wall.

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How to Make a Felt Moonflower

  1. Gather your craft tools and materials. Then download the felt flower pattern on the right hand side at the top of this post.
  2. Cut out felt according to pattern using a cutting machine or scissors. The amounts shown in the PDF is to make the larger vine shown in the tutorial. For easier assembly of the stamen, cut out only 6 of the 12 needed for now.
  3. Cut white 24-gauge floral wire into fifths (roughly 2-½” long) and glue the ends to a scrap strip of buttercup felt, spaced out.
  4. Glue the cut out stamen pieces on top of the wire to cover.

Full tutorial available for members to download on the right hand side at the top of this post.

felt moonflower vine tutorial by Lia Griffith

felt moonflowers

DIY felt moonflower

handmade felt moonflowers

felt moonflower vine

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