FeltPeoniesTo give fair warning, this felt peony can be time consuming because you will have to spend time cutting out each petal. I never use my Cricut to cut felt because it is not always the most accurate with cutting a flimsier material like felt or crepe paper. Start this project by choosing your felt colors. Peonies bloom in a wide variety of hues, so choose your favorite colors, or something that will match your home decor! You can make your felt peony with one color, like we did with our strawberry colored bloom, or you can make ombre peonies like our pink and plum blooms. To make an ombre bloom, choose a slightly darker shade for your centers, and then use lighter shades as you work your way out from the center. Print the PDF template below and cut out each petal and leaf shape. After you have all of your petals trimmed according to the template, you are ready to glue!

We used an 18 gauge floral wire for our flowers because we wanted something a bit thicker to hold the weight of the large bloom. Follow the step-by-step photo tutorial below to glue your petals together. Once the bloom is ready, add floral tape and attach your leaves. And now you have a beautiful felt peony! I love the look of bouquets using mixed materials, so try combining these felt peonies with crepe peonies or metallic paper peonies to add some beautiful dimension to your arrangement. Choose a plum color scheme for winter, or a pastel color scheme for summer!

I love seeing all your fabulous creations in the world, and I would absolutely love to see your crafty photos! Share them with me through Instagram or by emailing them in to hello@liagriffith.com. See my favorites that I share on Facebook! Cheers ~ Lia

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