This felt stellar ruby magnolia is a beginner-friendly craft, but we recommend using a cutting machine with a rotary blade to help cut out the stamen pieces. When you’re ready to get started, explore the list of tools and materials you’ll need to make this craft truly blossom.

Believe it or not, magnolias do come in red! The magnolia is a symbol of grace and beauty throughout many cultures. It’s a flower that embodies strength, commitment, and gentleness. She’s a flower with a lot of personality, and she’s such a fun choice for the Christmas season!

In nature, the stunning ruby-hued magnolia has a striking striped stamen and smells — believe it or not — of bananas! While we couldn’t replicate that aroma for this craft, we did use a grey marker to give our felt stellar ruby magnolia a bit of depth. To mimic the stamen’s distinctive striping — we used a magenta paint pen. So much of what gives you a good finished product comes down to the smallest details. 

One or two ruby magnolia stems in a bud vase would add a nice pop of color around your home. However, these would look particularly lovely in a holiday arrangement of non-traditional winter flowers. 

Remember to share your creation with us in our crafters’ community or on Instagram using the hashtag #MadeWithLia. We can’t wait to see your Felt Stellar Ruby Magnolia. Happy crafting!