June is here, so it's time to shower your furry friend with some purrfectly delightful toys. We're thrilled to introduce a project from our latest collection that’s sure to delight both you and your feline friends — Felt Strawberry Cat Toys! These sweet, berry-inspired toys will add a splash of color to your summer crafting and bring endless joy to your kitties. Plus, once you're all finished -- we know your kitty cat friends are going to give this four paws up!

The Cat's Meow

These Felt Strawberry Cat Toys are perfect for beginners. Simple backstitch and straight stitch techniques make this project fun and easy to complete. Plus, they're a fantastic way to learn basic stitching while creating something your cats will adore. If you have a cutting machine, that's great! However, detail scissors will do the trick just as well.

We stuffed these toys full of dried catnip because there's just nothing kitties like better. Catnip, an herb scientifically known as Nepeta cataria, contains nepetalactone, which triggers a euphoric response in their noses and mouths. As a result, this can lead to playful behavior like rolling, meowing, rubbing, and even temporary hyperactivity. Don't worry, though; this is perfectly normal and usually short-lived.

To start, We chose our wool blend felt in vibrant Strawberry, English Rose, Sweet Pink, and Juniper colors for our Felt Strawberry Cat Toys. Then, just pair these with embroidery floss in shades like Very Dark Salmon, Medium Mauve, Ultra Very Light Dusty Rose, and Avocado Green for a beautiful, cohesive look. Lastly, use a fabric pen with disappearing ink to mark your stitching lines, ensuring a clean finish.

So, as you stitch each little berry, imagine the joy it will bring to your furry friends. We can't wait to see your finished Felt Strawberry Cat Toys on Instagram with the hashtag #MadeWithLia or in our crafters community.