These beautiful baubles are super beginner-friendly. They only require a whip stitch on one side to hold them together. We recommend using a cutting machine for your pieces for added precision and ease. However, if you’d prefer to cut your pieces by hand, that works too! Ready to get started? Just download the appropriate template and follow the tutorial to the right.

Our Felt Surprise Ball Baubles are a perfect marriage of creativity and Christmas spirit. But the real magic of these ornaments lies in the surprise they hold for your loved ones. Stuff your surprise ball baubles with cute confections, tiny toys, or sweet messages. If you include a number, I can even see these as a fun twist on the traditional advent calendar. Be sure to use the extra-firm Heat N Bond Fusible Interfacing to give your baubles some structure, thus ensuring these treasures maintain their shape and remain a part of your decorations for years to come.

To embellish your baubles, we’ve also included three floral patterns in gold vinyl for a touch of elegance. We chose our felt in cranberry, sweet pink, and eucalyptus green to remain in keeping with the season. However, you can choose brighter reds and greens for a more traditional ornament or coordinate them with your existing decor! When finished, top it off with luxurious gold embroidery floss and hang it on your tree.

Whether you stuff them with treats or use them as traditional tree baubles, we’d love to see how you incorporate these felt surprise ball baubles into your holiday decor. Upload your pictures to our crafters’ community or use the hashtag #MadeWithLia if sharing on Instagram.

Stitches Used: Whip Stitch