Halloween1Hocus Pocus!

For our Hocus Pocus costumes, we studied the details of the movie characters very carefully. We each gathered the pieces, altered what we needed, and I made my blouse, vest, skirt, apron and cape. I made the statement necklace for my sister using stones I had in my jewelry making box and we shared rings, earrings, and other baubles to finish our costumes.

Preparing the hair was a hoot! I purchased a long strip of weave hair at Sally’s beauty supplies in red and dark brown. I then arranged my top piece around heavy wire and attached it onto a headband. The day of the event I arranged my hair up and over the headband, mixing my real hair into the piece. My hair is not terribly long but I made it work. For Winnie’s hair, I made two balls from pillow fill and a brown pantyhose piece, then sewed them onto her headband. I attached the fake hair at the base of the filled balls and on the day of the event covered them with both the fake hair and her natural red hair. Since I had a lot of leftover hair in the back I was able to make a beautiful twisted bun.

We finished our looks with eyelashes and red lipstick and we were off to the party. What a memorable night! We became a photo opp for many Hocus Pocus fans and took on the character personalities with ease. We are considering coaxing another sister to be Mary next year and I will have to find a long blonde Sarah wig. What do you think? Should we do the Hocus Pocus costumes again but with all three Sanderson sisters? Tell us. . . what you are wearing for Halloween this year? Cheers! ~ Lia

Lia and sister wearing Hocus Pocus costumes for Halloween Hocus Pocus costume for Halloween Lia wearing Hocus Pocus costume for Halloween