Crepe Paper Owl
If you recall from when we first launched the extra fine crepe paper line, we wanted to bring this material to the US because we wanted to elevate the possibilities for exquisite crafting. With that being said, that doesn’t mean you can’t use the crepe to make fabulous kids crafts too! When we got our shipment of Floracraft® Make It:Fun® Foam Balls, we couldn’t resist making this adorable crepe paper owl. Here is a simple project idea that is a great activity to do with your kids. 

For this project we used a 3-inch foam ball for the head and a 4-inch ball for the body of the owl. Our maker Jessica has quite the talent for shaping foam balls, which is a technique she uses for a lot of needle felting projects. To give the crepe paper owl a more realistic shape, we recommend you flatten the sides of the foam balls where the head meets the body. Then you can start covering your owl with crepe. Print the PDF template to use as a guide for cutting your crepe pieces. The template does indicate the grain line to help you cut the crepe correctly. The one piece of the template without grain lines is the beak – we used copper metallic text weight paper for this. Download the printable instructions for the full materials and tools list, and find the gold crepe paper and copper crepe paper in our shop.

To create some more variety in color on the owl’s chest, we used both sides of the metallic crepe. Once you cover the body and head in crepe, add the black button eyes. You should be able to find these at any local craft or fabric store. We chose large buttons to give our crepe paper owl the wide curious eyes he deserved. So cute! Attach the beak and wings and your little guy is complete. For daily craft inspiration, follow our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, or head to our membership page to get in on the fun with us. Cheers! ~ Lia and the Team 

Crepe Paper Owl
Crepe Paper Owl