Homemade_Paleo_Chocolate_Bliss_BallsThe girls and I here in the studio all admit to having our chocolate cravings. When I worked as a creative director at a chocolate company here in Portland those cravings were easily satisfied but if I’m honest I never felt so good after an indulgent afternoon. It was then that I first developed my recipe for a healthier version that satisfied the cravings without giving me the sugar overload. Today I want to share an updated version of that recipe, my Paleo Chocolate Bliss Bites. I don’t eat exclusively paleo but I am working on cutting back on refined sugars. Simple to make, packed full of nutty goodness and sweetened with dates and agave nectar, these truffles not only hit the spot when the chocolate cravings come, they are like little nuggets of energy too – what could be better?

Mix the ingredients together in a blender and roll into little balls with your hands. You can finish them by rolling them in shredded coconut, cocoa powder or pistachios for extra nuttiness. When we were doing a final test on this recipe earlier this week the favorite was topped with just a pinch of pink flaky sea salt. Love sweet and salty! I like to make a batch of these for movie nights with my girlfriends, box them up as a homemade gift or keep a few in a jar as a great mid-afternoon snack – yum! Check back later today for our cute recipe card which you can print at home so you have this amazing recipe FOREVER. Enjoy! ~ Lia

ChocolateBlissIngredients Chocolate_Bliss_Balls_Paleo Paleo_Chocolate_Bliss_Bites Homemade_Chocolate_Paleo_Balls Homemade_Chocolate_Bliss_Bites Paleo_Chocolate_Bliss_Balls